Bringing Farm to Table

We aim to provide a farm to table experience by ensuring our beef is of the highest quality. Our steaks are sourced from some of the best farming regions around the world, and the farms we buy from are known for their quality and consistency, achieved through pasture raising and proper nutrition. Our menu has featured steaks from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, the USA, Argentina and the United Kingdom. 

As purveyors of top quality beef, we especially love Japanese Wagyu. Our restaurant serves A3 – A5 Wagyu beef from Hokkaido, Gunma, Kagoshima, Shiga prefectures on a seasonal basis. Contact us to find out out about our current wagyu selection.


Dry aged beef steak

Dry ageing is a highly precise technique where beef is left to mature in a climate-controlled space. The meat’s own natural enzymes begin to break down the meat, producing glycogen, amino acids, and fatty acids that strengthen the umami flavour while tenderising the beef. This produces steaks that are rich, tender, and concentrated in flavour.